Guerilla Masterclass Feedback, Jan 2008

Materclassgroupsmall1 After running the Masterclass this weekend, I have myself been pretty amped up! For me it’s the hidden benefit of doing something like this. You get to spend the whole weekend, out of closet, and screaming at the top of your lungs, I LOVE MOVIES! And everyone feels the same way too! I had not planned to do this course again this year, but this weekend was soooo entertaining and inspirational for me, I can’t help but start planning another for the Summer.

Of particular note for me is that the new career path section that I developed for the Gone Fishing seminar, really does seem to resonate with people and give them a clear and firm hook for their own aspirations. It’s a four step plan that details what should be done (and should not be done) in each step. It helps people focus on what to do and when, but most importantly, it helps people to NOT over reach too early, so that when a genuine opportunity emerges, you are ready and can take full advantage.

Here are some comments I received after the seminar.

‘I can most definitely confirm that my life changed over the weekend, apart from not being able to sleep on Sunday evening until 3am, and Monday being a continual buzz of energy and excitement!!! I know I have stepped into a new phase of my life, been on the edge of it for too long… You can rest assured you not only have a talent for story telling, and making great movies but also changing people’s lives. That’s a gift! It was both inspiring and intensive – it’s film school in a weekend! It’s amazing what you can learn in a short amount of time… It made me look at life through the camera lens, you are totally exposed and suddenly everything makes sense…’
Heather Freedland, Film Maker and Marketing Expert

‘Thank you for the weekend. Seriously. I learned more useful, practical and inspiring tips and advice in the two days than I had in four years at university on a film course. I came away fired up for the challenge ahead of me and motivated to tackle it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It looks set to be a busy and exciting couple of months and beyond. Thanks again for giving me the additional shove I needed to get out there and seize every possible opportunity…’
Helen MacIntyre, Writer Director

‘You displayed a great mix of “shoot for the stars” inspiration / optimism / enthusiasm, with a “been in the trenches and paid your dues” grounded, reality check. I really respected you for that…’
Alan Brash – Screenwriter


Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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