Building the ultimate (but still quite cheap!) Home Cinema Experience

Meter I have recently moved flat and I am hell bent on building my own home cinema. So I thought I would periodically update you with what I am up to and how things are going. My aim is to produce a superb home cinema experience without costing too much, and without disrupting too far, a normal living room.

So what have I got so far? Because of the courses I run, I already own a video projector and screen. I also own a BluRay and HD DVD player, as I wanted to get Gone Fishing onto an HD format. I also have a Dolby Digital amp and speakers which are very well balanced (which is over ten years old now but still sounding amazing).

And I have some BIG challenges…

The living room is south facing with lots of big windows letting in a huge amount of light. I also don’t want to make the lives of the people downstairs a living hell, and so I am proposing some sound proofing (this is a Victorian conversion that, while being done well, is not adequately acoustically insulated). I consider sound pollution to be one of the biggest causes of unhappiness in our lives, and it’s often so very easy to deal with. I feel very strongly about this, and so I have invested in a sound meter (pictured) so that I can more accurately measure the improvements I make, as well as supply a more generalised ‘human’ estimation of the impact. First up will be 3cm granite bases on spikes for my speakers… I hope to get a result on that in the next few days…

Of course, this won’t all happen overnight, and I don’t want it to get in the way of the plans for the movie. It will have to be my hobby project. And I know this is a little off subject, but I guess anyone who is reading this blog will be interested in just how easy it will be to create a really cracking home theatre!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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