Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass in Australia

As part of the Heart Of Gold Festival in Gympie, Eastern Australia in March, I will be running my two day masterclass for film makers (Gone Fishing is also screening too). This will be the first time I have run the seminar in Australia, and it will be a completely new and revised seminar, including all the great new stuff we have managed to collate over the last two years. I will also be announcing dates for the course in London, LA and Vancouver over the coming weeks.

Above is a video that went out on Australia TV last week, and features one of our Associate Producers Simon VanDerSpoel, as well as the lovely Toni Powell who has championed Gone Fishing from the very start.

So if you are on that side of the planet and want to attend, follow this link to get yourself a seat. I promise it’s going to be an AWESOME event…

Here is part of the press release they are going with…

Chris Most film makers operate inside a vacuum, unable to communicate and collaborate freely with other like minded creative and entrepreneurial minds. This can stifle ANY movie maker… That’s why we are bringing The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass REDUX to Australia!This seminar is like a House Party for creative and entrepreneurial people, designed to educate and inspire in equal measure. Just by being in a room with 25 others who share your dreams, values and ambitions is GREAT! But when the event is led by a film maker with proven record over three features, Oscars shortlisted short film and five best selling books, it promises to be a breakthrough event.

This two day seminar, run by veteran film maker Chris Jones, who is visiting JUST ONCE from London, has been taught to over 1,000 students worldwide, and now he is bringing it to Australia.

What does it cover?
The seminar covers everything, from concept to completion, and beyond into career development and management, sales and distribution. It really does set out a road map for success, not just once, but for a lifetime. Throughout, we use extensive DVD clips and handouts to illustrate points.

It’s not for the feint hearted too, it’s two very long and intense days as we have LOTS to get through. But we guarantee, the following day, you will see the world through new eyes. Inspired, educated and refocused.

Who is it for?
You! Yes, almost anyone who has an aspiration to communicate through film, be it arthouse or commercial action movie, be you a writer, actor or director, be you a newcomer or an old dog (like me)…this seminar will broaden your horizons. Most people become halted in their career because they can’t move beyond a few simple blockages. We remove those barriers, and the group of film makers around you quickly form a new community which will flourish. You are not alone in your madness now!

The seminar is faced paced, fun, challenging and utterly inspiring for ANY FILM MAKER!

Seminar leader Chris Jones offers a 100% unconditional guarantee that you will be way past satisfied with the seminar, you will be bouncing up and down with excitement!

So here is some free advice right now… ‘Amazing opportunities are all around you, even now. Most people do not succeed because they do not seize those opportunities…’

Film making success is in your lap already, you just need a little refocusing (that’s what this seminar is for), a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF ENERGY (which we can give you), some money (which will show you how to get, well some of it anyway) and a little luck (which we will show you how to create). Oh and a camera, actors, crew, editing, distribution… (which if you don’t have already, we will show you how to get!)

So what to do now.

1. Sign up for the course to guarantee your seat. Remember there are limited seats and this is the only time this seminar is being run.
2. Start making a list of questions you want to ask. Now is you chance to get straight answers. Go on, start writing now!


Blimey, I think I would like to attend myself!

Finally, I just wanted to share a video I was sent by an American film maker I met over here, nothing to do with movies, but certainly an inspirational tale if ever there was one…

Go ono, watch it again… It’s just as good a second time!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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