Twittering Escalates!


Finally I am getting my head around Twitter and what it can really offer us all. First off, the video here is from TED and is a good background to the creation of Twitter.

So what have I learned so far?

Well first off, you need a computer desktop version, you can’t rely on the website as that’s just too many clicks to get to the good stuff. I use Twhirl which sits on my desktop and beeps when I get a tweet, and is easy to add tweets to when I want to. I have also set my blog up to automatically tweet when I update too. That’s pretty cool. The other thing I have relaised is that I really need to get Twitter on my phone. I have an ancient phone and have been locked into a contract which will expire soon and I suspect I will get an iPhone and can tweet on the move then. For instance, it would be great to Twitter from the End Of The Pier Film Festival Awards this Saturday night. But right now, I can’t.

As for the Tweets? At first it feels kind of odd, until you get people tweeting back, and then you are in a conversation. I am starting to get hooked on it and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I have just been asked by the organizers of the Heart Of Gold Film Festival to Tweet Hugh Jackaman as (in their words)… Hugh is giving away $100,000 this coming Friday to a charity or not for profit (we are not for profit). You just twitter him about it – the one people are most passionate about will win! So I have done my bit and who knows, they may even win.

When I was in LA, my manager Andy Trapani, who also produced The Haunting in Connecticut, told me when the film was released, they did a search for the film on Twitter (there is a word search engine on the Twitter website) and got real time feedback from audiences as they twittered each other, unaware that the film makers were listening in – seems Twitter is a great tool for getting honest feedback instantly.

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Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author



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