Podcast with Film Maker and Sales Agent Julian Richards on his new DVD release of multi award winning, micro budget, hoddie horror 'Summer Scars'

Summer scars
Welcome to another podcast, this time with feature film maker and international sales agent, Julian Richards, about his latest feature film ‘Summer Scars’. As part of this pocdcast, Julian has been kind enough to Julian Richardsshare the script with us, so you can read the script and then watch the film (this screenplay was written in MS Word and lead to problems with the timing, something Julian talks about in the podcast – it is also the shooting script, and therefore different to the final edit – this is why it is a valuable exercise to read the script, watch the film an compare the two, asking why some scenes were dropped, cut or modified, and why new scenes may have been added).  

You can listen to the podcast with the player here, or download the MP3 and play on your iPod here.

The story is based on a terrifying summer day in Julians childhood. Along with his friends, he was terrorised in the woods by a older stranger…  It’s kind of social realist hoodie horror. The film was made for under £150k and shot on the Panasonic Vericam.

This interview follows on from the one I did a few years back in the last Guerilla Film Makers Handbook, about his micro budget break out success, ‘The Last Horror Movie’. You can read that full interview in the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook (you can buy it here direct form us and get it signed) or you can download Julians interview as a PDF here. Remember the book is 700 pages long, so there is so much more to learn that the goodies from this one interview.

Summer Scars DVD case OK so you can buy ‘Summer Scars’ in both the UK and US. Here is a direct link to Amazon in the UK (interesting customer feedback on it).

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Onwards and upwards

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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3 Responses to Podcast with Film Maker and Sales Agent Julian Richards on his new DVD release of multi award winning, micro budget, hoddie horror 'Summer Scars'

  1. Mark Morris January 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    What a great script. Moments of tension had me on the edge of my seat. It built the kids world realistically and transported me back to my youth.

  2. Mark Morris January 18, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    Re the film.

    There is no doubt its a very likeable film. But not because you like the characters who are just there. And not developed, or even likeable to any degree. Memories make you who you are and this story tells itself like one without tying up all the ends or explanations it just is.

    I think this is a masterful example of great writing and film making that unfortunatly will lose out because audiences and reviewers are often more used to a fixed structure and formula. I think though most people who watch this will like it even if they find fault with it’s unfamiliarity.

    I’d like to say I would love to see this remade more darker and the actors more interesting as this could appeal more to a mass audience but then I wouldn’t because it would lose its focus on the way the way film tells itself. I dont know maybe Im seeing this as more than what it was intended to be.
    The translation from a great script that is easy to see in your minds eye to a film as a horrible memory worked well. I think this film definately needs to be seen as an art film though.

  3. Dominic Took January 18, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Thanks Chris.


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