Canon 5D MkII short film and feedback from the film makers…

The video here – which is best seen FULL SCREEN – was shot by Martijn Kersten on a Canon 5D MkII and graded in After Effects and Color. For me, it shows off the amazing possibilities of the Canon 5D MkII and is as beautiful as it is arresting. Great stuff Martin. I have highlighted this amazing film because Martin just took my ‘Gone Fishing’ online workshop – he spent a weekend at his computer, working his way through the workshop, and here is what he had to say about it… (and he wrote it to be part of the whole feedback on this page which you can read here).

Martijn ‘I just finished the ‘Gone Fishing’ seminar. What a day! But man, was it worth it! The whole experience was superb. I have followed hundreds of other courses and tutorials, but this was the first time I really felt like being on top of the whole process.

I’m not going to write a whole story here because if you want to, you can read enough on this page! (link here) And I am sure that amount of reviews is telling the value of Chris’ workshop. But why is everyone here so excited about it? They all have at least one thing in common. Everyone here has a great passion of making films. That doesn’t mean everyone here is a director, no way. There’s so much involved in making films, everything is important. The chain of people who are making films is as strong as the weakest link.

So, you got on this page with a reason, and although I don’t know what reason, I think that reason will be enough to go on a journey that will blow you away with knowledge, passion and creativity! Whatever you are, a costume designer, writer, editor, color grading, producer or a director. If you’re passionate about making films, and you want to know HOW you can translate that idea to the BIG screen, I only can say this workshop is one of the best ways you’ll learn it! A big thanks to the makers of it! And especially Chris, for being such a great passionate person!

  Martijn Kersten – Film maker Follow Martin on Twitter

WOW! Thanks Martijn. I also got feedback from Jon Plant who recently wrote to me about his short script, which I read last week – it’s a very well crafted, if not a little hard hitting and challenging story, and I gave him some notes on what I felt would improve it. For me the best thing about his script was that it had a very strong end. It really left me thinking after I finished the last few words… He is hsooting on Red very soon and I loor forward to seeing it. Anyway, here is what Jon said about the ‘Gone Fishing’ workshop.

‘In the ever-expanding literature on film-making, where duplicate information is fast beginning to outweigh original sentiment, this inspirational seminar genuinely achieves that rarest of qualities – true uniqueness.

No other resource more comprehensively and engagingly tackles the film production process from script to screen and beyond – simultaneously the antidote to, and finest example of, the director’s commentary.

Sitting through the Gone Fishing seminar is the closest you will come to making a world-class film without getting off your arse and actually doing it (which, incidentally, is exactly what you will be inspired to go and do).

Jon Plant – Film-maker,

So you can read more feedback here, and you can sign up here. Go for it, I promise you will complete it feeling invigorated, empowered and ready to take on your next big movie challenge!

UPDATE – Martijn just got in contact to tell us a bit more about his 5D MkII film…

I just got the 5D Mk II, and I knew I had to ‘practice’ with it! I didn’t go to film school, instead I learned everything from doing courses and using the internet (you’re my most recent)

I shoot the film at sunset and sunrise for the best natural light. I did everything myself and used my new Glidetrack HD for the dolly shots (always wanted to do that!).

So it was experimental, but I my ambition is to direct a (short) movie in the near future.  In the video you see my DOP, editing and grading skills, but I have yet to learn the skills of directing, with actors and a screenplay. I look forward to it though.

And I know the answer is, as everyone seems to keep saying, ‘Just do it’.

I really hope that one day I will do it and that it will be as good as Gone Fishing. I really loved it and I am still feeling the impact of the film and workshop.

Thanks again, pal! I’m really glad I was able to get in touch with you. And I really hope, someday we will bring our talents together to the big screen!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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