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ProdOffMug Tomorrow night on the Production Office Live, there will be drama, there will be GREAT prizes, there will be amazing guests, there will be monumentous announcements, and if all goes well, there will even be mugs! We have been given notice that our specially made ‘Production Office’ mugs are on the back of a couriers van and winding their way to Ealing Studios right now. We will be sending them out to our Executive Producers as soon as we have them. Want one? Click here to check out how to join the ranks of the worlds fastest growing Executive Producer clubs.

6a00d8341e322053ef01348070efaf970c-800wi OK, so after a ‘week off’, the Production Office is back and in full swing baby!

As you may know, last Thursday was our book launch party in London (watch video here), and so we had the chance to test our ‘Production Office Almost Live’ show. It was a ‘pre-record’, a kind of behind the scenes of how we make the show and only ten minutes long or so. We just wanted to see if it all worked. And it did! You can watch it above if you missed it.

So from now on, the Production Office will alternate between ‘LIVE’, like this weeks (Thursday May 13th) and the show last week, which was ‘Almost LIVE’. We can call it ‘Almost LIVE’ too as during these shows, Judy and I will be hanging out in the chat room to have fun with all the film makers present.

  And we hope to have a BIG announcement for this Thursdays show too, as a new sponsor and partner has come onboard, someone that should make a BIG difference to the both us and YOU. More on that on Thursday. Also, we have a terrific competition too, one of Philip Blooms 5Dmk2‘Learn 5D MkII Training DVD’s’. I have seen it myself and it’s fantastic. So tune in LIVE if you want your chance to win this essential film makers training DVD worth a hundred bucks.

And we are working on an AMAZING additional prize too – this one we can’t announce as we are mounting a Ninja like attempt to secure it for you. If we fail, it will make a great story anyhow! If we succeed, it will be something that the movie geeks like me could well storm Ealing studios to get their hands onto.

OK, remember, you will be able to watch LIVE on the blog here, or on the Livestream page at

Right! Set your alarms now… Thursday, 7.30PM UK time, live on the blog AND at

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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