The Production Office LIVE! May 27th, the best show yet! TV show for film makers, about film making, by film makers…


After our amazing Cannes Film Festival Live broadcast (watch here if you missed it) we came back to Ealing and produced what the whole team felt was our best show yet. Informative, inspiring, entertaining chaos (each week we get closer to ‘Tiswas’!) and louder shirts!

Both Judy and myself are whacked today, but here is some feedback from both the Cannes Special and last nights epic!

Dew 'I never miss one show although it is 2.30am here in Singapore and I do not always go on the chatroom as I am glue to the show.'
Martina Dewsnap, World Women in Film Singapore

Martin Dewsanp ‘Between the books and the show this newbie feels like he is learning a lot very quickly. But it's not just about facts and the writer's/presenter's enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious. Being involved in making movies in some tiny way has changed in my mind from being a pie-in-the-sky aspiration to something achievable in a very short time due to the books and the show.’
Martin Taylor, photographer and wannabe DP

Elena 'Real show. The Realest of all. This is the first time I see such a thing. And even more. Not just watch, but actually take part. No matter where in the world you are and who you are. Now you ask the questions, they answer.'
Elena Nikova, Film maker, Bulgaria

Leillani 'I loved eeeeeeeeeeeeverything about the show! Nice relaxed atmos, fun, good info, chat room for 1st time today was good, got to ask a couple of questions and hear the answers direct from the peeps in the studio. FAB! What else could be a more beneficial way to spend an hour on a Thursday night?!'
Leilani Holmes, Film Maker,

Christy 'Great interviews – really inspiring guests. The chat room is always helpful too, for networking etc. great camaraderie. My favourite bit was the Jonathan Newman interview – really inspiring stuff – and the link to LA was cool too (loved seeing all the writers on the CloverCam moment!)…'
Christy DeHaven, @christydh, Musician, Isle of Man

Paula DiSante 1b 'All the interviews were great though I loved Kate Madison's interview. This show is a terrific resource for indie filmmakers, and a lot of fun, too. I enjoyed it immensely! I actually wish the show was on live LATER in the U.S. (east coast time), because normally I'm at work when this is live. I just happened to take today off, and got to see this. But you'd have to be broadcasting at 11 p.m. your time for me to see it live after work, so I guess I'm out of luck. I can watch the shows when they are posted online, though, which is great.'
Paula DiSante, Film Maker

Scan0003 'I just watched your Cannes production office episode and thought it was great.  So refreshing to see real people obviously enjoying themselves and also serving up information in a casual but very informative style. Congratulations to you & Chris for making the film industry a much warmer & better place to inhabit…'
James Lingwood, Film Maker

BrianBlessed And if you haven’t joined yet, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join our Facebook campaign to get the mighty Brian Blessed on the show… You can join up here.

Crikey! OK Don't forget next weeks show, with Dean Craig (writer of Death At A Funeral) as well as the legend that is John Reiss (TOTBO).

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. MJ Slide May 28, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    All their comments r spot on! This show has taught me so much in only six episodes. The real, unscripted feel of the broadcast is the perfect relaxed setting for instruction. Chris keeps the show rolling while Judy has us dying with laughter. You, Judy, Pete & the whole rest of the gang make a great team. 😉 I’m thrilled I get the opportunity to plug the Production Office LIVE on my blog! Forward March!

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