It’s AMAZING where our Production Office LIVE mugs have ended up!

Brad Pit Come to the Production Office LIVE! End of season wrap party in London, get a FREE mug and network with other film makers. Tickets just £7 – Friday 2nd July.


Join Chris, Judy and the rest of the Production Office team as we say ‘Sayanara’ to Season One of The Production Office LIVE and throw our heads into a bucket full of beer!

On Thursday 1st July, the Production Office Season Finale will stream live to hundreds of emerging and aspiring film makers around the world. And after three months of intense, chaotic, nerve wracking live shows, we figure we deserve a party!  And in keeping with the ‘it’s your show as much as ours’ principle that the show was founded on, we’re going to extend that ethos to the party as well…
…Come along and help us wrap up this puppy once and for all!

Mug Yes, it’s time to step out of the chat room and get your real life networking selves down to central London to experience The Production Office as LIVE as it gets! As well as everyone from the team, we’ll be joined by many of our show guests and sponsors – and that right there is one hell of a room to be worked!

And if that weren’t enough, technology permitting, the party will be streamed live online with everyone and anyone present invited to take their fifteen minutes of fame at the webcam. And though we can’t guarantee any $75m giant yachts, rest assured it’s going to be a wild and raucous night of networking, surprise guests, lovely alcohol and maybe…. if we’re very lucky…. a balloon hand or two!

Date: Friday 2nd July
Time: 8.00pm onwards
Place: THE PHOENIX ARTIST CLUB, 1 Phoenix Street
(corner of Charing Cross Road & Phoenix St) London WC2

Tickets are a ridiculously reasonable £7.00 and each one comes with a limited edition and super collectable Production Office MUG! And we really can’t say any fairer than that!

Come along and, as Judy’s wise old mum always says, “Just drink your way through it”.  Or, failing that – get down, stay down and roll around!

We’re going to be there – you should be too!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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