Thursday night, 7.30PM UK time, the Production Office LIVE! Script Analysis of EXAM with writer Stuart Hazeldine

To celebrate the announcement of the all shiny and new London Screenwriters Festival in October, of which I am the creative director, we are dedicating a whole hour and a half to an indepth script analysis of Stuart Hazeldines amazing debut feature film ‘EXAM’ – which I just got word, is doing great business in its Hong Kong release this week.

6a00d8341e322053ef0120a7b562d6970b-800wi This show will only go out live and will not be repeated, so if you want to watch, you MUST tune in. And it’s best viewed after reading the screenplay – which you can get by emailing us here. WARNING – the interview does include plot spoilers. You can watch the show here on the blog on on our Livestream page here.

The London Screenwriters Festival will be an extraordinary event with over 40 expert film makers, producers, agents, authors, showrunners, screenwriters, pitching experts, script gurus and more… sharing their experience, expertise, passion and knowledge through seminars, workshops, screenings, panels, round tables, one-on-ones etc… WITH YOU! It’s going to practical, inspiriring and you WILL to see first hand how some of the expert speakers could radically impact on your career. And we encourage ALL our speakers to actively network with you too… so it’s not just people on a stage, you will get interaction!

180_adFor three days, we all get to do nothing but be part of an event that is dedicated 100% to what we all love! Stories, writing and making movies! All delivered in a state of the art convention centre in central in central London.

OK so tickets are now selling and surprisingly rapidly. So why buy your tickets now when the event is months away (last weekend in October)?

Here’s a bunch of reasons…

1. You don’t have to pay VAT right now, saving you 17.5%. We are registering for VAT and that WILL add 17.5% to ticket prices.

2. We have a discount code which gives you £37 off the ticket price of £299 (we will withdraw this discount code when we hit our targets).

3. If you are one of the first 50 to sign up, you will get six FREE screenwriting workshops in September and October, leading up to the Festival at the end of October.

 You can sign up here… and remember, to get your £37 discount, use the discount code livingspirit

Finally, we will be running several surgeries at the London Screenwriters Festival, one of which will be about how to maximise your tax status as a writer – did you know you may be able to claim your ticket and expenses for this event against you tax bill? We will show you how.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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