Be part of the biggest event in Europe for professional screenwriters, The London Screenwriters Festival 2010

Workshops The last few weeks have been pretty intense as I have worked hard with our team,  putting together the London Screenwriters Festival 2010. While the website seems to be in constant evolution, it is pretty much there now. And I have to say I am giddy with excitement at the line up we have. Make yourself a cup of tea now then spend a few minutes checking out our speakers and the workshops here… It’s pretty amazing what we have pulled together.

If you do sign up now you can also take advantage of a VERY cool competition. We are running a short film script competition where the winner gets optioned for £500 (yep that’s real cash in your pocket) and we actually MAKE the film at the festival. And we plan to make a big noise about the film too, entering it into festivals and winning awards. There are some rules you need to stick to, all outlined on the site here. The winner also gets tickets to next years festival thrown in too. So there’s more info on that competition here.

So a price warning… If you are thinking of coming (and if you live in London and are in the film or TV business, you really really should come) now is the time to buy your ticket as we have now begun the application for VAT. By law we are required to charge VAT once we hit a certain threshold, and we are getting close. So the ticket price will go up by 17.5% soon. But it hasn’t gone up just yet. It’s currently £299, but that comes down by £37 if you use my special discount code of livingspirit (add it when signing up by clicking ‘discount code’).

That’s less than £90 a day to choose from over 75 workshops and seminars, meet and mingle with the powerful players in the business as well as network with new talent who could well be partners in your next film (and remember the ticket is tax deductible). I have worked really hard to create an extraordinary event that really WILL make a difference to film makers in the UK.

The brutal facts for people in creative industries lie right in front of us. That’s film makers, writers, as well as us at the festival. The reality is that the funding has dried up for us all.

While it’s never been easier (technologically) to make a film, the market is over crowded. And we all need an edge. That begins in a great script. And is taken one step further by working with great partners. Now the UKFC is on its way out, we ALL have to stand on our own feet. At the festival we have not had any funding from any organisations – those days are fading away for us all. This festival will live or die on our commitment to an extraordinary event and YOUR commitment to your own destiny in this crazy business. To be honest, I am really proud of the fact that we have not had to compromise our vision, agree to any silly seminars or ridiculaous political targets. It’s reminaed 100% about us… Expert writers and talented film makers.

So get involved!

OK so check out the main site here… The workshops here… And the speakers here… Or if you want to dive in, just sign up below (remember the code livingspirit will get you £37 off).

And don’t wait or you will be hit by the VAT!

You can also follow the festival on Twitter here, and join the FB fan page here. We are updating regularly with news on new events, speakers and other useful stuff for film makers.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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