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Four weeks to go… Yesterday I said to London Screenwriters Festival manager David Chamberlain that ‘we are entering the vortex…’ Having organised many similar events in the USA, he smiled back knowingly… ‘yes we are…’

So for me, the coming month is going to become crazier and crazier as we attempt to get our 75 speakers locked into 60 events over the three days of October 29th to 31st. And already it’s a bit like herding cats.

Still, all of this is to be expected when organising Europe’s BIGGEST professional screenwriting event.

I wanted to just remind you all that we have an extraordinary series of competitions at the festival too – and you don’t need to attend the festival to enter.

Inspired-by-science First off is the ‘Inspired By Science’ award, five grand, yep £5,000, for a one page treatment. There are some rules you need to follow, it does need to be a science based story for instance, but for any writer, this could be an amazing opportunity. There is more information here.

Second is the feature screenplay competition run with Circalit. More info here.

But my favourite competition is the one I fought hard to setup. It’s a short script competition where the winner is produced by a professional crew over the weekend of the festival. The festival officially opens at 10am on Friday 29th of October, and at ten past ten, we will announce the winner. Immediately, our professional crew spring into action and get shooting. By mid day, the editor will have received the first set of rushes and will be cutting away furiously.

What is VERY cool about this is that the rules of the competition state that the story MUST take place at the venue, the stunning Regents College. This means that the film will be shot in the midst of the festival so that delegates can observe a pro crew in action. The editing will also be open for all to see, giving delegates an extraordinary insight into the production process.

Some of the crew from Gone Fishing are coming back to work on the film and James Layton is DPing the film. James is the son on Vernon who shot Gone Fishing, which means Vernon will also be hanging out to get involved in the action too.

The movie will be completed by Sunday evening and premiered at the close of the festival.

We know that this accelerated production will create a real buzz at the festival and will really highlight what is possible with some organisation and a pile of determination.

The plan is to enter the film into lots of festivals too, we really do want to collect a shelf full of awards for everyone involved, including the writer of course.

If you are a writer who can work fast, who can deliver a sizzling 10 page (or less) script, and if you want to see your work actually produced in the next month, then enter now… More information here

One last thought. Even though there are no genre restrictions, I would point out that the film will be premiered on Halloween night… 😉

Finally, we have some more exciting events lined up in the run up to the festival, all free to delegates. We will be announcing these over the next few days so check back in soon.

If you have not got your ticket yet, get yours here. And use the discount code of livingspirit to get £37 off.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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