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WebSite So yes, the Production Office LIVE is coming back. There will be much fanfare over the coming days, but before we get into all the flag waving shenanigans, I thought I would share some ideas and evolutions from under the bonnet of the The Production Office.

New Website
First, we now have a dedicated website. Check it out at I built this very quickly with Jimdo, a website tool that I wrote about over Xmas. It has all the shows from Season One, Feedback and links for other film making resources (plus other goodies too) as well as a main page where the show will be broadcast from. The who page also accepts feedback comments which will stay with the show (when archived), so feel free to add your own thoughts, insights or feedback during the show or directly after the broadcast.

Improved Quality
We have upgraded the software which we use to vision mix, so we SHOULD have improved picture quality. The main difference should be that we get more frames per second, meaning the image will be smoother and less juddering (hopefully, though internet connections will always be a bit random!) Let’s see after Thursdays broadcast.

Yes, we have an IndieGoGo campaign ( to help cover the costs of running the show. We love doing the show and don’t mind working for free, but when it starts costing us thousands over a year, well it’s starting to have a big impact on our little office. We have worked out each show costs around $250 (which includes equipment and pocket money for the crew), so if you can, click in here and contribute ANYTHING you can. Go on, help keep the show alive. We are using $USD as that’s how InideGoGo wanted us to work, and PayPal will convert your £GBP to $USD for you at no cost (so you do not need a $USD account to contribute). Right now, £10 is about $16. There are loads of goodies to be had for your contribution, so head over to the IndieGoGo site now and please help us keep the show alive.
We also have a YouTube site and Facebook FanPage. Right now there is very little in on the YouTube page, though we have branded it and we are in discussion with YouTube about becoming a YouTube partner (more on this in later weeks – you can see it here And if you have not joined the Facebook FanPage, you can do it here… we renamed it

If you haven’t renamed your Facebook assests, you should consider doing that today. I wrote about it on the blog last year (instructions on how to do it).

OK that’s enough of an update. To recap…

New site here, check it out
Go to IndieGoGo and make a contribution
Join the Facebook Fan Page
Rename your FaceBook assest URLs (if you have not already)

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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