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Apparently, our TweetReach with the #LondonSWF tag was over two million impressions. Holy hot tweets batman! What the blazes does that actually mean?

At the festival, I ran a short social media workshop for people who were reluctant to engage with new social media sites and tools. At the end, screenwriter Daniel Martin Eckhart (@dmeckhart) came to me and told me about Tweetreach.com, a way of tracking the impact of your Twitter campaigns.

For $20, TweetReach.com will generate a report based on the last 1,500 tweets using your hashtag (the 1,500 limit set by Twitter). And the report on the #LondonSWF hastag was both eye opening and perplexing.

First off, the Tweets only went back to the Saturday of the festival, so we missed two whole days (due to that Twitter limit of 1,500 tweets). But in those two days we scored an impressive 1,808,556 impressions. Of course an impression only means ‘the potential’ to be read by a Tweeter. In practical reality, I suspect the ‘read rate’ of impressions may be as little as 1% or less. Even so, that would mean our #LondonSWF hashtag was seen and read thousands of times. That is CRAZY!

Perhaps most illuminating was seeing who our biggest Tweeters were.

Right at the top of the ranking was our own @MomemtsOffilm, officially tweeting like a crazy person, and doing a great job too! Moving down the rankings and we find Raindance (ranked 11). What on earth were @Raindance doing tweeting about the LSF? Well they weren’t, they were hijacking the hashtag to promote their own stuff. Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s the just world we live in ;0)

Reading through the tweets you get a sense of the chatter among our delegates, and personally, I found some really lovely acknowledgments of the whole teams hard work… It’s a lovely archive to own.

Here are a few…

ScriptPunk ScriptPunk: #LondonSWF WOW mind expanded battery charged self belief soaring Bring it on.


TraceyStreet TraceyStreet: RT @Step2DramaTV: “do not rely on an agent to get you work. Take control of your own destiny. Generate your own work.” Jonathan Newman #LondonSWF


Pipbest Pipbest: Well done Lucy 🙂 RT @Bang2write: Standing ovation for #londonSWF staff at end of fest talk. Thx!! Feeling v emotional now


LouisaMawson LouisaMawson: @julianfriedmann Unable to attend #LondonSWF. Very grateful for your informative tweets.


Steve_Ince Steve_Ince: RT @londonswf: The buzz at #LondonSWF is just great, so many proactive writers & so much positivity going around… Just what this industry needs!


You can read the whole report as a PDF here… 

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


e: mail@livingspirit.com


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