Have you resisted social media? I say jump onboard the evolution revolution.

I am sitting here reading an article about how some boffins who have developed a DIY 3D printer have reached $50k of their $300k goal on IndieGoGo in just two days – I am sure they will reach their goal. Only five years ago they would have been pitching to venture capitalists, or worse, getting humiliated on Dragons Den, AND then they would have probably been pillaged in the deal on offer.

Now they get to keep control, 100% company ownership and direction, AND they also get a loyal band of followers who have already invested hard cash. Just take a moment to think about this, it’s a MASSIVE paradigm shift.

This for me is the a wonderful example of how the internet has changed everything.

Facebook is now my preferred news channel – I don’t need to sit through TV news now and endure the weather and sports (that don’t interest me) as my Facebook community naturally selects what is of interest to me.

Twitter is my day long trip to the coffee shop to meet buddies and make new pals, people I can help, people who can help me. It’s where news breaks and goes global in seconds. Once or twice that has been news I have broken.

Blogs are my education, overflowing with experts who know LOADS more than I do on a whole raft of niche subjects – and I can get to know those experts through Twitter and Facebook.

And these are just the rudimentary tools of 2012. Imagine where we might be in 2022?

So if you have resisted using Social Media until now, I suggest you roll your sleeves up and get stuck in right now. Have no addenda but fun, sharing and learning – if you do have an agenda, people will spot you and steer clear. Keep what chimes in with you, abandon what does not.

Making a film is hard enough without thinking you need to become a social media expert too – so just use it naturally, and your tribe will grow organically around you. Do it now, because when you do make a film, you will in fact have become an expert – not an expert on all social media, but an expert in YOUR ghetto, in YOUR community… and that’s EXACTLY what you need to succeed.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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  1. Gail April 10, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

    Scary, wonderful and inspiring

    I’m going to bank some social capital

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