Final Feedback from 10 year old Guerilla Filmmaker Holly Jacobson!

I just had to share the final bit of Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass feedback from filmmaker and actress Holly Jacobson. Aged 10!

I did worry the weekend might be too intense for her, but I saw her near the front row with her dad, beaming and scribbling notes whilst soaking it all in.

I managed to get a photo with her AND my longest term investor, Exec Producer Dave Hardwick, who was also at the masterclass. With well over half a century between them, it serves to illustrate just how inclusive filmmaking is today. Awesome!

Anyhow…. Here is what Holly thought!

Thanks Holly… see you at the Oscars!

Onwards and upwards!

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2 Responses to Final Feedback from 10 year old Guerilla Filmmaker Holly Jacobson!

  1. Leilani June 21, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    Holly is awesome. So fearless and passionate about film. I’m proud to have collaborated with her and her dad Ben, since a prior meeting with him at a Guerilla Film Masterclass weekend. I look forward to seeing her make more projects and I know many people will back her efforts as she puts what she’s learned to good use.

  2. Holly Jacobson June 21, 2013 at 11:40 am #

    Thanks Chris & Leilani! I wish I had written more neatly now!

    Here’s my first film that I wrote and directed:

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