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lswf2013day2 091Jonathan Newman and Chris Jones joined forces to speak about mindset, our relationship with our own lives and how we can improve our options and chances by the way we think and respond to outside forces that influence our lives. Many of our responses are so automatic, often reasonable enough not to consider changing attitude, and may well be holding us back from the things we really want. We’re all aware of our inner voice(s) but how many of us ever work on changing or silencing what that voice is saying.

Chris and Jonathan talked us though, with anecdotes about their own deeply personal experiences, the philosophy of manifesting success by not holding ourselves back. It’s hard to describe but many people in the room were able to speak about personal experiences where their life had been made better or even transformed by a change in thought and then, more importantly, taking action. It was well worth hearing the concept even if it wasn’t something to grasp immediately because the ideas were something you can just allow to seed and grow within your mind. And maybe, when that nagging niggle gets in your way, or that extremely desirable but dauntingly impossible opportunity crosses your path, you will suddenly find yourself evaluating it differently.

In fact, on the train home I began to think about the advice my acting mentors had given me during my training and how so much of that was to do with the messages we feed into our subconscious mind and how what our subconscious puts out to us in response, how it’s a process of adjustment to get the best stuff out, and how in due course I began to apply that thinking to my writing process, getting into alpha state, allowing problems to solve themselves while I go out for a walk or wash the dishes. The mind works in ways we don’t fully understand and it’s well worth giving some consideration to the nonsense we tell it and the nonsense we listen to from it as well.

Food for thought.

Leilani Holmes at the London Screenwriters’ Festival

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