Filmmakers Screenplay Bootcamp: Ealing Studios, Get £40 off

What we fail to fix in the script, will haunt us on set, will challenge us in post and will ultimately take us down the paths of success or failure once the film is completed.

So let me ask, is your script the best it can be? You and I both know the answer. The question is, what will you do about it? Will you improve, fix and tighten BEFORE it’s too late, or like 90% of other indie filmmakers, will you rush to set and spend years fixing problems that were left on the page?

I have been there and got this t shirt and I highly recommend biting the bullet way before even pitching to backers.

We are running a two day Screenwriters Masterclass with screenwriter, author and multiple feature film producer Lucy V Hay at Ealing Studios on the weekend of the 19th and 20th of October.

We have created it to help YOU elevate your script and project by transforming your story, characters, structure, tone and pacing. All of which will make it more backable, pitchable and sellable. It will also attract more money, better cast and sales once completed.

And let me be SUPER clear. The transformation from good to great is in many ways simple. That does not mean it’s easy. We get so close to our creations that often it can feel like trying to find shadows with a torch.

You will learn how to rework your script and ideas so that they stand out from the tsunami of good (but not killer) scripts out there…

Key elements covered include:

• HOW to write MORE visually to create powerful images in the reader’s mind
• HOW to craft your characters so they become even more unforgettable
• HOW to write dialogue that sparkles, giving unique voices to each character
• HOW to avoid dialogue taking over your scenes
• WHICH structural methods will keep you on track and how to avoid overthinking
• HOW to spot and avoid your ‘static scenes’ and ‘false movement’ and remove forever
• WHY ‘good craft’ is NOT just screenplay formatting!

When: Sat 19th to Sun 20th October, 2019
Where: Ealing Studios, Ealing W5 5EP
Standard Ticket: £139.00 (get £40 off with the discount code SUCCESS40)

Among a mountain of other things, we will work on

• Unclear concepts and muddy loglines and how to rework so that they crackle
• How the first ten pages can work FOR you – or AGAINST you
• How to overcome expositional issues and backstory problems so your story flows effortlessly
• How to spot and eliminate pace killing scenes that feel essential but can be reworked or cut
• How to inject new life into character role functions that feel samey or generic
• How to clarify genre conventions that may feel confused or stale in your story
• How to rewrite scene descriptions that feel overwritten or overly prescriptive
• Zing it up and kill boring chains of dialogue
• How to leverage often maligned devices like flashback, montage, dream sequence – they can be used to great effect

When: Sat 19th to Sun 20th October, 2019
Where: Ealing Studios, Ealing W5 5EP
Standard Ticket: £139.00 (get £40 off with the discount code SUCCESS40)

Looking forward to seeing you there… and remember that discount code to get £40 off for the next ten sign ups.

Chris Jones


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