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Are you breaking the law by running a Crowdfunding campaign and not declaring your income?

So you run a crowdfunding campaign, get some cash in to make your film… only you don’t declare it as income. And three years later HMRC slam you for tax evasion. Slaps on the wrist, interest charges, fines both small and big… and it’s even possible there could be a custodial sentence… Seriously, if they […]

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Amanda Palmer and her TED talk on Crowdfunding, ‘The Art of Asking’

We recently held the London Doc Summit, which aside from some technical hitches, was a resounding success. One video I wanted to share with you is this excellent TED talk on Crowdfunding, that was brought to my attention by Janey Stephenson (@vegetarianjelly), one of our wonderful delegates. It’s really worth a watch. Onwards and upwards! […]

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Danae Ringelmann

Crowd Funding Masterclass: Get Your Film Produced

Creative people around the world are turning to Crowdfunding as a real and viable way to get their work produced – be they filmmakers, writers, musicians, artist… In this fabulous 30 minute masterclass which I hosted last month, IndieGoGo co-founder Danae Ringelmann will give you the foundations of how you or your producer can run […]

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