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How to run your own micro theatrical release in London: Case Study

Last week, filmmaker Greg Hall laid out his plans for his own London theatrical release for his micro budget movie ‘Communion’ (blog here). He is halfway through and I promised I would share his experiences, so here they are… On the first night we sold out! We are halfway through our London cinematic run. So […]

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How To Self Distribute A Film: Masterclass with Marcus Markou (Podcast)

‘Create your own power…’ That’s one key piece of advice from filmmaker and now self distributor Marcus Markou. ‘Disrupt’ is another central idea his. If the system doesn’t work for you, create a new system, disrupt the old. This is how future thinking Marcus managed to get his low budget family comedy drama ‘Papadopoulos and […]

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Dynamo Player shuts down.

This morning I got this email from Rob Millis from Dynamo Player with the news they are shutting down. I wrote about the shock waves Dynamo sent through the distribution world a few years ago, after which Distrify and Vimeo also joined the game by offering pay-to-view services. It’s a sad day as Dynamo were […]

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HMV and Blockbuster deserved to fail

HMV and Blockbuster both had it coming, we should not be sad about their passing, we should study their failings and learn from their arrogant and blundering mistakes. I have be reading lots of messages with people reminiscing about the past, and how the internet had killed both companies – some blamed changes in customer […]

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