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I am supporting ‘Clowning Around’, are you?

Film maker Leilani Holmes has always been a vocal supporter of everything I do, and so when I discovered she was producing an ambitious short, I asked her to share her thoughts with us all. She is running an IndieGoGo campaign for her film ‘Clowning Around’, and after I post this blog, I am heading […]

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The Top FIVE Steps To Getting Your Film Funded

Attracting money ALWAYS begins with the question… WHY? Why on earth should I give YOU money as opposed to buying a car, building a patio, going on holiday, funding some inner city kids dancing project, investing in stocks and shares etc… you get the picture. And yet SO MANY film makers, myself included, rarely address […]

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Let Ted Hope and Christine Vachon, producers of over 53 features and over $197m at the US box office since 1986 show you the #1 way to attract financiers, distributors and A-list talent to your project!

Last Sunday was the very first American Independents Day, this year (which sold out) it was with producers and rockstars of American Indie film, Ted Hope and Christine Vachon… and the atmosphere ion the room was electric! Producer Mike Mindel ( has been good enough to share his extensive and detailed notes with us all […]

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Is IndieGoGo Right For You? A Guide To Crowdfunding, Part 1: Podcast with IndieGoGo founder Danae Ringelmann

Crowd Funding has become the first step toward financing that many indie film makers make. Of course, it’s often part of a bigger financial picture, but it can represent that all important seed money, gap funding, completion money or even represent complete budgets. When I made ‘Gone Fishing’ I used crowd funding for the entire […]

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Sell your props and fund your film!

When I haven’t written a blog entry for three of four days you know one of a three things have taken place in my life. Either I am writing, or not much has happened, or so much has happened that I just can’t get to the computer! It’s the latter. Since the book launch on […]

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