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The Top FIVE Steps To Getting Your Film Funded

Attracting money ALWAYS begins with the question… WHY? Why on earth should I give YOU money as opposed to buying a car, building a patio, going on holiday, funding some inner city kids dancing project, investing in stocks and shares etc… you get the picture. And yet SO MANY film makers, myself included, rarely address […]

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Why Does Anyone NEED To Watch Your Film? DynamoPlayer After One Week… Thoughts, opinions and feedback…

So Gone Fishing has been available for one week on DynamoPlayer (click on stats image to the right for a bigger view). I thought I would share some of the comments that I have received via blog, email and other sites. On my blog and after the first post on Dynamoplayer last Monday, Mike Barnes […]

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More Important than YouTube, Canon 5D MkII and Vimeo..? Get Ready For A Film Makers GAMECHANGER in 2011…

Go on, Click the Play Button above… isn’t that a Game Changer? The last two years have seen more change in Indie film than ever before. There have been THREE major developments, First, the DSLR revolution and the Canon 5D MkII. This put high quality, low cost cameras into the hands of film makers. That […]

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INdieGoGo Danae Ringelmann

Is IndieGoGo Right For You? A Guide To Crowdfunding, Part 1: Podcast with IndieGoGo founder Danae Ringelmann

Crowd Funding has become the first step toward financing that many indie film makers make. Of course, it’s often part of a bigger financial picture, but it can represent that all important seed money, gap funding, completion money or even represent complete budgets. When I made ‘Gone Fishing’ I used crowd funding for the entire […]

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I just have to share this extraordinary feedback about one film makers decision to go for it…

Note – this is the introduction video to the workshop (clip from the actual course below) REDUCED FROM £69.99 to £37.99 – SIGN UP HERE!  The ‘Gone Fishing’ online Workshop is still on sale, reduced from £69.99 to just £37.99. Loads of film makers signed up after Christmas, to grab this bargain and to energize […]

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