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After years working in the real world finding my life rushing past me faster and faster, it’s finally slowed down again… guest blog

  Following the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass I asked some film makers to write guest blog entries. Here’s what Andy Phelps offered…   ‘My partner-in-crime, Jake Hawkins, and I have been working on our first feature full-time since January this year; victims of the recession and the need to go and do something more creatively […]

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Networking With Film Makers… how do you do it?

‘It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know’ goes the cliché. I know this is true and I kind of hate that fact. Surely talent trumps everything? I wish. Consequently, a large part of the The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass was about networking. About confronting fear, embarrassment and generally being British when it comes […]

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Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass Alumni Rhys Davies: Micro Budget Horror Case Study, Released This Weekend!

This weekend has seen the release of ‘Zombie Undead’, a micro budget horror film made by a film maker, Rhys Davies, who I first met a few years ago on my Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass. His journey and film is a classic example of micro budget film making, a true ‘micro crew’ production. In advance […]

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Get The Comedy Writers Pocketbook For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee!

At the London Screenwriters’ Festival last year, we produced a very special Screenwriters Pocketbook, crammed full of insights, tips and tricks for movie scribes and small enough to slide into your pocket. The book was so well received that we decided to do the same all over again for the recent hugely successful London Comedy […]

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Why Does Anyone NEED To Watch Your Film? DynamoPlayer After One Week… Thoughts, opinions and feedback…

So Gone Fishing has been available for one week on DynamoPlayer (click on stats image to the right for a bigger view). I thought I would share some of the comments that I have received via blog, email and other sites. On my blog and after the first post on Dynamoplayer last Monday, Mike Barnes […]

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