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Bleeding Edge Technology…

One of the things I have always taught on my courses is that when it comes to technology, you can’t believe anyone. Especially when it comes to new technology. This is not because experts are mistaken or wrong, it’s because everything is so untested. There simply hasn’t been enough instances of it working out in […]

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Makining HDCam Downconvert tapes

I spent most of yesterday working with an editor friend of mine, Laura Kettle, in a large post production facility in West London. We had a number of jobs to do on ‘Gone Fishing’, first of which, was re-laying the newly mixed soundtrack onto 2 HDCamSR tapes. After some messing around we managed this fairly […]

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It’s a disaster… but not for us. My good friend and director, Johnny Newman, shot a film (At Home With The Finkels) late last year using the Viper Camera – a high end HD format that records data to drives and not to tape (or obviously film). That means there is no tape or film […]

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HD Sound Encoding

I am now working out how to make an HD DVD or BluRay disk for Gone Fishing, so I can show it on courses and at home in HD – and also, send it off to festivals (if they start to move in the ‘domestic HD delivery format’ direction). While the difference between DVD and […]

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