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Writing The Score for Escape From New York

I love this video essay by Alex Ball with long term, John Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth. It harks back to a time when innovation was profoundly inventive and deeply analogue, even though of course the score is ‘digital’. John Carpenter was a massive influence for me as a kid and while I was making Zombie […]

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Yesterday, Polish composer Wojciech Kilar died

Yesterday, Polish composer Wojciech Kilar died. Very sad news. I first heard his work in Coppola’s Dracula in the early nineties, then again in the Ninth Gate, and being a film score nut, I tracked down his immense body of work and became a smitten by the dark and beautiful eastern European tones. Above is […]

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11 Steps Required to record your score with an orchestra in Macedonia – a Guerilla Masterclass Success Story

Or…How I came to The Guerilla Masterclass, met a composer and ended up in Macedonia recording my soundtrack with an orchestra! By Josephine Halbert I thought I would share the extraordinary story of Guerilla Film Masterclass delegate Josephine Halbert, and how she recorded the score for her short with an orchestra in Macedonia. Below are […]

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