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Music for Gone Fishing

I have received a huge amount of emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the film. I have also had requests about the music, some of you want to know how to hear it again. So I have made up a short edit of the music tracks, which runs for about 15 minutes, and […]

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Production Music for Gone Fishing

I have been working on music (STILL I KNOW!)for the last few days and have come to believe that in order to get the immense and epic battle music I need, I am going to have to use some library or production music. This seems to me to be the only way to get that […]

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Jaws for Kids!

Still working on music for Gone Fishing. We have entered that dreaded stage where we have fallen in love with the temporary music we used, and anything else, just does not do the same job. This is a typical problem and I am trying hard to stay focussed on a solution and not on what […]

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Music track laying

We are now adding music to Gone Fishing, and for part of the score, I am using music pulled from one of the unique music libraries here in the UK – Audio Network has thousands of tracks that you can use in your production, for a one off fee of £250 – all rights, worldwide. […]

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Contriubuting Composer Writes a Cue For Gone Fishing

Music is always a vital element of any movie, and I have often felt that it’s all too often used to prop up dodgy drama. There is that great Alan Parker cartoon that says something like, ‘the script is terrible, actors incompetent, director an idiot, editing is terrible – right we’d better fire the composer!’ […]

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