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EXAM gets its world premiere!

Last year I held an evening seminar with Stuart Hazeldine, UK screenwriter and now director. He has been very busy in the last 12 months with 2 films that he co-wrote being released, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ and ‘Knowing’. At the time of the seminar, Stuart was in prep for his first feature […]

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Subtitles for Festivals

I have been working on festival plans today, and specifically on the world premiere. Cannes is looming and it would be great to get into competition there and give them the world premiere. I have been reliably informed that if we have already done French subtitles, that will work in our favour – and so […]

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The Final Word…

Over the last few days I have received over 100 congratulatory emails. Thank you to everyone who wrote, it was touching, and also great for other cast and crew members to hear just how much you appreciated the design, costumes, makeup, image, music, sound… I don’t have space for them all, so here are a […]

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Premiere Photos Online Now

I have uploaded most of the photos that I have received from people who attended the ‘Gone Fishing’ premiere last weekend. They are in a Flckr account, which after some trawling, I decided was the best way to do it (if anyone knows a better online free photo share site, let me know). The pics […]

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The Big Night Finally Arrives!

If you have problems playing the video, click here After a long, hard, but immensely rewarding day running the seminar on ‘Gone Fishing’, the time had come to get changed into my DJ and prepare for the premiere. We had been very worried about numbers as we had invited nearly 300 people to the event, […]

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The Big Day Finally Arrives!

Blimey! Blimey! And thrice blimey! What a day Saturday was, the ‘Gone Fishing’ Seminar and World Premiere. I am going to write about the seminar today and premiere tomorrow. I had been thinking about the seminar from before I made Gone Fishing, and so collated all the important document and materials. I thought the course […]

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Resting for a day…

As I promised today, the day after the premiere for Gone Fishing, is that of lying down, snoozing and pizza. I am really extraordinarly tired. I will be reporting on the seminar and premiere over the next few days, with photos and hopefully a video too. Never mind onward and upward, now it's stay still […]

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