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The Three Pillars Of Successful Low Budget Horror Film Production

Jen Handorf, veteran of five Brit low budget horror flicks, shared her experience at the London Breakfast Club today. It was an insightful conversation with a producer who has been prolific in production and effective in distribution and sales. Listen to the podcast below… Having worked on so many films, Jen has managed to distil […]

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Why producers WILL NOT READ YOUR SCRIPT – shocking case study from one exec

A producer friend at a production company recently shared this email interchange with a writer. It painfully illustrates why most producers will only accept solicited submissions or via a reputable agent. Irrespective of the talent this writer may show in the future, this bridge is burned. I have redacted certain details with XXXXXX’s and of […]

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What ONE thing MUST you get right in your next film?

Guest blog by Richard Holmes The Kid/Food/Baby/Horse Stays In The Picture “There’s always ONE, isn’t there” Or, in filmmaking it’s, “There’s always THE THING.” In Jadoo it was, of course, The Food. And lots of it. We’re warming up for Jadoo’s release right now ( and everyone who laughs and cries throughout the movie also […]

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Get daily filmmaking tips and inspiration via Twitter

Every day I am posting around five filmmaking links via Twitter, drawn form the last eight years and over 1,500 entries on my blog. Links that will save you money, show you time saving shorts cuts, inspire you to keep going and hopefully help you grow and succeed as both an artists AND entrepreneur. To […]

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Trust is the only currency in an untrustworthy business… stunning presentation from Producer with more credits than most DVD collections!

Last week we recorded and extraordinary session at the London Breakfast Club with producer Iain Smith – it was just crammed with wisdom and bite sized gems for filmmakers, writers and of course producers. My personal favourite anecdote? If audiences like your production after a year, it’s a movie. If they like it after a […]

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Final Call: Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes this Saturday

Final Call: Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes this Saturday £99 reduced to £69 with discount code CHRISJONES I have just spent the last few days compiling clips and working with Richard for his masterclass this Saturday. Going through his films, it’s amazing just how many he has made, and what an extremely high success […]

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