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Minutes to go…

It's 5.42 and Johnno, first AD turned up 30 mins early. I love film industry pro's, no-one is ever late. Right now I don't feel much. Not tired. Not excited. Not daunted. Just focussed. I am planned. I have a great team. We can do this and it will be awesome. Let's see how the […]

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Three days and counting…

Final organisational touches are now coming together. This is a kind of fluidity to production that is very tiring – dates, crew, cast, locations, all interdependent, all changing regularly. It’s most frustrating when people pull out knowing the huge impact it has on us, even though they have been involved in negotiation and things have […]

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And so it begins…

Today was the first day that I really had that feeling of 100% immersion in the film making process. Where nothing else matters. It began at 8am, stage 3 at Ealing Studios, a huge sound stage that we managed to get for the sets for Gone Fishing. Set construction began with Mark Sutherland at the […]

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New Technology Communications

Yesterday was hell. We had a few people drop out, a few production disasters that have cost needless money and hell, and I mean HELL from agents. Both casting director Catherine Arton and myself pretty much checked out last night… But then we had some GREAT news, which I can’t reveal just yet. Hopefully tomorrow […]

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Production hots up…

Production is really kicking in now. Daily, hourly, even minute by minute, new crises arise as others are fixed. Often, it can get SO hard that you really ask, what on earth am I doing? And then you remember, ‘Oh yes, most people have real jobs!’ As I haven’t made a film for some time, […]

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