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We End By Beginning #LondonSWF

  When the London Screenwriters’ Festival comes to a close there’s always a sad tinge alongside the elation. We leave rooms full of cheers and comradeship, nerves and excitement, knowledge and rainmakers of the industry to return to our computers, to sit by ourselves and pull stuff out of our heads to put onto a page. […]

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JAWS: Script to Screen Live with Carl Gottlieb ~ #LondonSWF

With the opportunity to read the original screenplay in the approach to the festival, then a chance to see the film with the screenwriter’s live commentary, Script to Screen Live events are a real treat of the London Screenwriters’ Festival. When the film is a monster success like JAWS on the 40th anniversary of it’s release it’s a sensational experience. Jaws was a phenomenal […]

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Breaking into C4: Fast Track Into TV Drama

C4’s 4Screenwriting program 4Screenwriting was initiated and has been run by Phillip Shelley since 2011 helping to facilitate and fast-track writer’s careers in the television industry. He joined us today to talk about the initiative along with co-ordinator Lisa Walters and two of the programs alumni, screenwriters Anna Symon and Jane Eden. In it’s sixth year the program is […]

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Christopher McQuarrie: From the Usual Suspects to Mission Impossible. #LondonSWF

Sharing his journey to success in an interview with Rogue Nation editor Eddie Hamilton, Christopher McQuarrie began speaking with the words “I was always in love with telling stories.” As a child he would write stories to entertain himself. When discovered doing this, a teacher asked if that’s what he wanted to do when he was grown […]

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