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It's 5.51 am…

I spent yesterday driving a van around London collecting camera kit and lights – I love that moment when normal life ends and you step into the world of movies – that for me was yesterday when I collected the van. Cameraman Steve Brooke Smith camera along for the ride, and thank god he did […]

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Killer Pike Arrives

Today I collected our three and a half foot animatronic – well actually, hand puppet – monster pike. It was made by effects guru Jenny Cochrane and it weighs A TON! This fish is never going to be seen out of water, only in the murky shallows as it battles with Young Bill. We will […]

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The budget is in…

Producer, Sabina Sattar, has spent the last week tallying up the budget. We have gone over budget. I knew we had so during the shoot as a number of problems came up and I just sanctioned them, saying we can figure out how to deal with it once we have it all in the can. […]

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Picture lock on the first assembly

I spent the whole of last night with editor Eddie Hamilton as we fine cut the first assembly of ‘Gone Fishing’. We have been cutting using a Dell laptop, digitising in offline media at DV50 from DVCam, and then using a 32” domestic telly as a preview monitor. It all works flawlessly. As I mentioned […]

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Post Shoot Blues

So the shoot is over and I spent a weekend in post shoot blues. As tough as a shoot is, the days after it can often be worse. There is also an inevitable pile of production problems, misplaced bits and bobs and dreaded bills to deal with. But most of all you miss the buzz, […]

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