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The Final Day Of The Shoot…

I woke with very serious pain in my leg. At 5.15am, I wasn’t sure I would get through the day. But I knew I must. At 7am I hobbled onto location to find a largely new crew, reduced in size and looking at me slightly bemused – who was this guy hobbling onto set? What […]

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Shooting Day 5

This was supposed to be our final day of shooting, but it was now clear that we needed an extra day. Many people in the cast and crew chose to come back for the extra day, but some had other work they needed to do. I was touched by the enthusiasm everyone showed, especially those […]

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Shooting Day Four

The post mortem on Day 3 highlighted some key areas where we could tighten up the shoot. If we continued the way we shot on Day 3, we would need two weeks to complete. DP Vernon Leyton had a chat to his camera team and they worked out a few ways to move a little […]

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So I survived the shoot. Just. I have ended up in Casualty, but more on that later. We wrapped Gone Fishing Last night… I had promised to keep up in the blog, but by day three, it was apparent I could not. And so I am going to write it now, day by day, just […]

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Shooting days two and three…

Today and yesterday were as expected, REALLY TOUGH. Yesterday, we spent the whole day in Ealing Studios on stage 3, where we had built a set. Most of the highly charged and emotional scenes took place in the set and so from a directors point, it was a wonderful day. Lynn Blakely, who plays Emily, […]

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Day one…

Day one. Highs and lows. We have been very fortunate as pretty much uniformly, we have an excellent and very professional crew. I bonded very much with Johno, our first AD. What a cool guy. And very talented too. Also the camera team are simply awesome. As are the sound team too for that matter. […]

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