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Mastering new BluRay at Abbey Road Studios

I just had a strange experience. I set up a meeting with BluRay guru Richard Osborne at Abbey Road Studios and tubed over – I hadn’t realised just what a Mecca that zebra crossing outside the building is to Beatles fans and tourists. I had to fight my way past giggling groups of Japanese women […]

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Dolby Digital MO disk collected

Last Friday I collected the MO disk of the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for the 35mm prints of Gone Fishing. I had a brief glimpse into the Dolby transfer bay, which was a surprisingly compact room, looking more like a machine room at a small post production company than an audio lab. But then I […]

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Translating Gone Fishing

Translating Gone Fishing has turned into both a bigger job than expected, but at the same time, easier job than I feared, mainly due to the incredible help I have received. Subtitle Workshop has proved to be a great little free tool, a little clunky in places, but nonetheless, it does what it says on […]

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PAL DVD of Gone Fishing Complete

Yesterday I completed the PAL DVD for ‘Gone Fishing’. This DVD is for showing to festival co-ordinators and people who may be interested in the new features I am writing. For now, it won’t be available to anyone else, not even my family! (as I explained on the blog before, we need to keep tight […]

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Final Mix Tweaked and Complete!

Last night I went back to work on the final mix for Gone Fishing at Videosonics. There were two aspects to what we were doing. First off, there were three small creative changes to the sound mix, things I picked up while viewing the film outside of the studio environment. We changed two and left […]

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HD Sound Encoding

I am now working out how to make an HD DVD or BluRay disk for Gone Fishing, so I can show it on courses and at home in HD – and also, send it off to festivals (if they start to move in the ‘domestic HD delivery format’ direction). While the difference between DVD and […]

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