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Watch ‘Dreams On Spec’ here… A ‘must-see’ for all screenwriters

If you are a screenwriter, this feature length documentary is going to resonate with you I am sure. ‘Dreams On Spec’ follows the journey of three spec screenwriters in Hollywood, through angst, heartache, rejection… It’s touching, moving and inspirational, not to mention educational. I watched it over the weekend and after a little googling, discovered […]

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Vada Tiziana Vada!!!

This weekends Documentary Masterclass with Andrew Zinnes and Genevieve Jolliffe went down extremely well. Everyone got plenty out of it, and it looks like some very exciting new doc’s may come out of this session. Most notable for me was the extremely passionate and enthusiastic Tiziana Calleri, an Italian film maker and photographer who is […]

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Have you thought about it?

Many new drama film makers are turning to documentary as a REAL WAY TO MAKE MONEY and survive! We at Living Spirit have done so already. Have you thought about it? What are you currently doing to stay afloat? Have you thought about using your camera, editing software and website as a real way to […]

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