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Summer Scars DVD case

Podcast with Film Maker and Sales Agent Julian Richards on his new DVD release of multi award winning, micro budget, hoddie horror 'Summer Scars'

Welcome to another podcast, this time with feature film maker and international sales agent, Julian Richards, about his latest feature film ‘Summer Scars’. As part of this pocdcast, Julian has been kind enough to share the script with us, so you can read the script and then watch the film (this screenplay was written in […]

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Summer Scars, DVCProHD Feature In Post…

I am just helping a good friend of mine complete his fourth feature film, Summer Scars, shot on DVCProHD Vericam. It looks terrific and it’s now a very tight drama, but two things have resonated while working through these final technical stages. First, Julian, the director, has worked his way through three editors in order […]

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DV Horror Movie Linked To Killings

Recently I was shocked to hear that an old friend of mine, and director of several indie feature films, Julian Richards, has become embroiled in some tragic events. Many of you will have heard of the double murder in the press recently, but what you might not have heard, unless you read the Mail or […]

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