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Could This Be My Last Blog Post…?

Could This Be My Last Blog Post from Typepad? Yes the time has come for me to leave Typepad and leap into bed with a self hosted install of WordPress (and still at www.ChrisJonesBlog.com). It’s been a long time coming too, and frankly it would have happened a year ago had Typepad not made it […]

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A Masterclass In Microbudget Film Making – Interview with ‘Paranormal Activity’ writer and director Oren Peli

Looking back at Paranormal Activity, the poster boy for microbudget filmmaking, what can we learn without just saying ‘it’s like Paranormal Activity’ and will be as successful (which I hear all too often)? First off, I have to say just how impressed I am with the film. Oren Peli managed to keep up pace, tension […]

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