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Rocketboy rewrite begins

I am working on the screenplay for Rocketboy today, and going over my notes from the reading last weekend. Two further things have since struck me. I can’t express just how valuable it was to hear my dialogue read out loud. It really does take on a new life – on the page and in […]

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Rocketboy Readthrough

Yesterday we did an actors read-through for Rocketboy – organised by my good friend, casting director Cathy Arton, it was a long but revealing and emotionally overwhelming day. At Ealing studios, around 15 actors of all ages, sat in a large circle and performed the script. One actor read the ‘narration’ (descriptions and slug lines) […]

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The Sky Is The Limit

I have been researching into private rocketry for Rocketboy and saw a wonderful doc about Burt Rattan and his SpaceShipOne, and how he won the $10m X prize. This was a privately funded group of dedicated experts who built the first private spaceship, got it into space and then brought it, and it’s passengers back […]

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Writers group therapy

I am prepping for a big script meeting tomorrow. This is to discuss the script notes for Rocketboy that we got and how to advance to the next draft. I have been calling around all my screenwriter friends and convinced everyone to help me out by reading drafts, consulting on story and character, and even […]

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Count down to Rocketboy begins!

And so it begins… I can’t say with who just yet, but my long term movie project, Rocketboy (previously titled Rocketman and Vampire Girl) has shifted several gears and I am much closer to it being made than I have ever been. Essentially, we have a serious and credible offer to make the movie, at […]

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003 - The Bike copy

ROCKETBOY may be fuelling for take off!

As many of you will know, I have spent many years working on a project called Rocketboy – and yesterday we had the best meeting yet with a very serious possible producer who just loved it. This has kicked me into MASSIVE ACTION, which is a terrific feeling. Already I have knuckled down and penned […]

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