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Why you are not successful yet. The truth.

OK here it is. If you are not successful right now, you have two choices. Give up or keep going. But know that true success, true mastery, is something that takes dedication and a great deal if time. So keep going, success lies in your future if you continue to peruse it vigorously. True success […]

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Behind The Scenes at TEDxEaling: Story

The last year has been SO busy that I have only just managed to get to a whole backlog of editing that needed doing, including this Behind The Scenes from our TEDxEaling event. You can watch all the videos from the TEDxEaling talks on the site HERE. I hope you enjoy the sneaky peek behind […]

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The Eszterhas Award & The British Screenwriters’ Awards #LondonSWF

Breaking news at the London Screenwriters’ Festival was that from next year, the organisation will be producing a new awards ceremony for screenwriting in the UK by way of the British Screenwriters’ Awards. Something that’s been lacking from the British writing scene where so many incredible screenwriting talents reside. I know from my own film’s […]

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Joe Eszterhas ~ Everything You Wanted to Know About Screenwriting…. #LondonSWF

Joe Eszterhas is a veteran screenwriter and Hollywood legend, who’s work has grossed over a billion dollars in film revenues. Considering he was an immigrant to America, writing in his second language, that’s proof of his talent and heart as a writer. He came along to speak candidly about working as a screenwriter, dealing with […]

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Making ‘The Fall’ #LondonSWF

Moderated by crimewriting Goddess Barbara Machin of ‘Waking the Dead’ fame, writer/creator of ‘The Fall’ Allan Cubitt and his award winning producer Gub Neal came along to speak to us about the cutting edge of crime drama, and how to keep fresh a genre which can become over familiar. Firstly came the idea that genre […]

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