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08-05-2017 16-15-37

Production Manager Gets Onboard

‘Gone Fishing’ moved a step closer today when Production Manager Stephanie Wrate joined team Living Spirit in their offices at Ealing Studios. Stephanie has worked in the production department on over 20 films and her experience and professionalism will be a great asset to the movie. She was thrown in at the deep end today […]

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Gone Fishing Update

OK – Here is a brief update as to where we are at with Gone Fishing. From this point onward, we plan to make regular updates to this page, but for now, here is a potted history of how we got here, to July 12th 2007. Back in May, Marc Samuelson from Samuelson Productions, read […]

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DIY mass DVD Duplication

Things are kicking off this end. One thing that has always eaten into my creative time is making DVD’s. So I am biting the bullet and making my own DVD duplicator. This is for all sorts of stuff, but I am looking now to the future with ‘Gone Fishing’ and ‘RocketBoy’. In my experience, people […]

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Rocketboy rewrite begins

I am working on the screenplay for Rocketboy today, and going over my notes from the reading last weekend. Two further things have since struck me. I can’t express just how valuable it was to hear my dialogue read out loud. It really does take on a new life – on the page and in […]

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Rocketboy Readthrough

Yesterday we did an actors read-through for Rocketboy – organised by my good friend, casting director Cathy Arton, it was a long but revealing and emotionally overwhelming day. At Ealing studios, around 15 actors of all ages, sat in a large circle and performed the script. One actor read the ‘narration’ (descriptions and slug lines) […]

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The Sky Is The Limit

I have been researching into private rocketry for Rocketboy and saw a wonderful doc about Burt Rattan and his SpaceShipOne, and how he won the $10m X prize. This was a privately funded group of dedicated experts who built the first private spaceship, got it into space and then brought it, and it’s passengers back […]

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Writers group therapy

I am prepping for a big script meeting tomorrow. This is to discuss the script notes for Rocketboy that we got and how to advance to the next draft. I have been calling around all my screenwriter friends and convinced everyone to help me out by reading drafts, consulting on story and character, and even […]

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