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The Production Office LIVE! With Raindance founder Elliot Grove and inspirational film maker Vicky Jewson

So it’s ‘Buh-bye’ winter and BRING IT SPRING! Time to roll up those sleeves, break out the flip flops and start prepping all those sun drenched exterior shots you’ve been sitting on all winter. Join Chris and Judy as they whip off their wellies, slip on some ray-bans and dive head first into another knuckle-busting […]

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The Production Office LIVE! Season Two, Thursday 7.30pm GMT… Film making, tips and tricks and GREAT GUESTS!

Recovered from their respective bouts of man and lady-flu, Chris and Judy are all jacked up on the good stuff and set to charge straight into episode three like they’ve never charged into anything before… (well except for ‘that’ time there was lots of charging and a huge collision but….we don’t talk about that anymore!) […]

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The Production Office LIVE! Season 2 Episode 2, With Time Out Critic Nigel Floyd and writer director James Hacking

Hot on the heels of the ratings busting Season Premiere, The Production Office LIVE is back to bombard you with even more film making advice, insights and know how. Here’s where you need to be: Date: Thursday 3rd February Time: 7.30pm (UK) Squeezing up the stairs and joining Chris and Judy in the office this […]

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