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Crossing the first threshold…

My life is starting to fill up with choices. Tough choices. For the first time ever in my career I have been forced to turn down work, and to add to the amazement, really good work too. In the last few weeks I have been offered a really great little film for Ford, and also […]

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Where did that picture come from?

Since we began our Facebook campaign a day or two ago (which is going very well, so please keep up the energy), I have had a pile of emails about the photo that I have on my Facebook profile. This was taken last year at a Star wars Expo event in central London where I […]

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Hollywood podcast goes live

What a week! I have been neck deep in courses and seminars and I am just grabbing five minutes now to write the blog – tonight I am hosting an event with Hollywood Screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine, which I hope will be cracking – it’s a sell out event with 120 people coming! I have just […]

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There’s what you know you don’t know, but it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that gets you…

I am exhausted this morning. Yesterday I ran a completely new course about career planning and strategies for success in film. This has been bouncing around in my subconscious for a couple of years now, and I formalised it a few months ago in a PowerPoint presentation. Unlike my Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass, this one […]

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It begins at the beginning…

I have been working on my script and reading more and listening to other writing teachers. Aristotle’s name has come up repeatedly, and shamefully, while I knew the broad strokes of his work, I had never read his book on Poetics. Clearly it’s in public domain so I went to the web to find it, […]

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