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Cannes 2008, our first day… Sunday…

So I landed in a rainstorm and at 10pm was immediately whisked off to my first party at the Century Club on a rainy beach… until 3am (pictured here with producer Ivan Clements sister-in-law). I spent most of the evening chatting to film maker friends and getting the skinny on the market. Apparently, this year […]

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Postcard from the producer…

Just about to leave for the airport and I got an email from producer Ivan Clements… Greetings from rainy Cannes. All is going well here now. We have a screening set for 11.30am on Tuesday and I've been on the prowl and inviting loads of people, buyers, film fest scouts etc. Whilst doing this, I […]

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Final checks before lift off…

We now have the date and time of the screening of ‘Gone Fishing’ in Cannes, and happily it’s on 35mm in the Palais, which is great. It’s on Tuesday before the party as planned, and I am already getting RSVP’s back, which is great. Remember, you want to come, email me at Now we […]

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Final Cannes Plans

Time is ticking down and I am making final preparations for Cannes. I have just completed a long poster banner for the launch party and hopefully it will be ready in time. Off to the printers! I spoke with producer Ivan Clements yesterday and we are co-ordinating getting a cinema venue for the premiere screening […]

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Free 2 Hour Screenwrting Podcast is up…

We recently held a superb seminar with UK based screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine, about how to live and write in the UK but work and sell in Hollywood. Everyone who came found it both educational and inspiring. I said I would make it available as a Podcast for free, and here it is… It’s crammed with […]

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It’s a matter of hours now before the Cannes Film Festival and Market opens and I am getting very excited about what might happen with 'Gone Fishing'. First off I can announce that we will be having an amazing launch party on the beach at The Century Club on Tuesday the 20th. This is a […]

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The day of the screening

To say I was nervous would have been an understatement. Yesterday was the key screening of ‘Gone Fishing’ for Producer Marc Samuelson, the screening that we had been aiming at for the last year. Gone Fishing was produced to show Marc just what I could do as a director, so it was all riding on […]

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Today is the day…

So today is the big day, the reason why we made ‘Gone Fishing’ in the fist place… to screen it to Marc Samuelson to show my abilities as a director with a view to my staying on board Rocketboy… And so I have been reflecting on the past year and thought I would share some […]

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