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The first screening approaches…

So I have moved house. I left my old place in what felt like the winter, and arrived at my new place, 1 mile down the road, in what feels like the summer. I can’t believe how much stuff I have, at least half of which is movie related materials that need archiving. Thank god […]

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Learning to Negotiate with TNA

A few weeks ago, Simon Drake came on my Career Plan course, and after that, he (along with one other lucky film maker) won a two day seminar on negotiation, with top training company TNA Europe. On the seminar I ran, we established that negotiation skills was one area most film makers are not very […]

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Moving the archives

I am in the middle of moving home, and the spectre of film archiving has raised its ugly head again. Having three features and countless other projects under my belt, I now have a lot of materials – mostly old BetaSP / DigiBeta tapes and 35mm neg and 35mm mag. And there is a lot […]

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Second Unit on Gone Fishing

Shooting is getting closer and deals are being struck. We managed to get ALL of our 35mm camera equipment for free from Arri, saving us thousands. Not only that, but we managed to get a second camera body too, so we will have an active second unit for the whole production. Film maker buddy, Simon […]

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We need your help! PROPS!

Things are going very well here at Living Spirit. We are just four weeks away from the shoot for ‘Gone Fishing’, (shooting on 2 perf 35mm), and now up in glorious Scotland. We are still a little short of cash, so if you want to contribute, you can get more information here… If you are […]

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British Bollywood Mash Up

Always on the look out for new ideas and ways to fund, I met with a Bollywoood producer. We came up with a concept that actually is quite interesting, though a practical nightmare. Essentially, shoot a movie twice – once with Brit actors, and the same movie again, but with Hindi actors. Literally do a […]

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DV Horror Movie Linked To Killings

Recently I was shocked to hear that an old friend of mine, and director of several indie feature films, Julian Richards, has become embroiled in some tragic events. Many of you will have heard of the double murder in the press recently, but what you might not have heard, unless you read the Mail or […]

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