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Free Xmas Podcast with Screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine

Last year, I hosted a terrific seminar with British screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine. His latest work is out right now, he did a re-write on ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, so you can see just what circles he moves within. He has also just directed his first feature, a 35mm widescreen psycho thriller called ‘Exam’, […]

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It begins at the beginning…

I have been working on my script and reading more and listening to other writing teachers. Aristotle’s name has come up repeatedly, and shamefully, while I knew the broad strokes of his work, I had never read his book on Poetics. Clearly it’s in public domain so I went to the web to find it, […]

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Richard Walter's Beyond The Basics DVD Seminar

I have been working my way through a DVD seminar by Richard Walter, called Beyond The Basics, a four disk set that is crammed with inspirational and exceptionally direct and concise advice on screenwriting. No, it’s more than that, it’s about storytelling, agents, managers, film editing and so much more. Richard Walter is an American […]

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Print out and stick in your loo!

As a way to inspire you and us, to write better scripts, we have been working on a number of A4 pages to print, read, and stick in your loo / next to you bed / under your mouse-mat. We are starting with one that was in part posted on Jurgen Wollf’s Time To Write […]

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Free Writers Tools!

I just wanted to share with you an amazing little utility I found for writers on a PC. It’s a Dictionary / Thesaurus affair, and much more. It is called WordWeb, and it#s is easy to install and use. It features it’s own dictionaries, and can also link to web based content like WikiPedia. When […]

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