Cannes, A Virgins Guide

We just held our March Seminar on getting to Cannes, which was led by Ben Craig, author of a Virgins Guide To Cannes. It was an information packed evening, with heaps of tips about doing the Cannes Film Market on a budget, what to do, what not do, and how to get in.

Some key points that were discussed, if you are going to Cannes but missed the seminar, are…

1. The easiest and cheapest way for most of us to get a market badge, and you need a badge, is by registering through the Short Film Corner.

2. Do not expect to get a deal in Cannes, use it as a fact finding and contact generation mission.

3. Speak to EVERYONE who has a badge. This is a business of relationships. This is often tough for some people. Just remember, most other people are uncomfortable doing this too, so smile, be gracious and be prolific.

4. Talk about them more than about you. They will think you are a very nice and professional person. You will also get more information about them, and about what is going on, by taking this approach. There will be time to talk about you in their office a month after Cannes, away from the noise and chaos

5. Be prepared for entertaining bedlam. Cannes is like Disneyland for grown ups, full of bright lights, distraction, excitement and thrills. Have fun.

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