Pitching Rocketboy

Pitching is something I don’t fully enjoy, but when it goes well, I love it.

I have been pitching my movie ‘Rocketboy’ around town this week and I have been using some new simple techniques I heard about from a professional negotiator. Here it is – ‘shut up’. I ask a question, ‘so tell me about you best project?’, ‘what exactly excites you about a project?’, ‘what do you think make a project more successful?’ and then I just shut up. This has several advantages. First off, they talk more than you, so you get to mine them for information. Second, THEY FEEL GREAT! It’s not often they get to talk to people about how great they are, especially when asked! Best of all, the weakest link, ie you and your pitch, can wait until a better relationship is established.

This flies in the face of what most people tell you about pitching.

I believe it’s more about cultivating a relationship than selling hard on a specific project. Try it out, you may be surprised.

Onwards and upwards!

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