An Evening With Kevin Smith

A while back I posted a YouTube clip of Kevin Smith, and was prompted by a reader of the Blog to the DVD from which it was ripped. I promptly got hold of it and spent and evening chuckling at his anecdotes.
The DVD set is a series of recorded seminars, filmed in America where he answers any questions that are thrown at him. His hilarious stories include Tim Burton, Prince and his army of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the surreal experience of writing a Superman screenplay for producer Jon Peters.

Kevin Smith comes across as approachable, geeky, profane, frank, witty and rude, almost as much as his characters. He is refreshingly honest about his career, his Hollywood adventures, his wife, weight and even manhood.

With three and a half hours (split across two discs) of what is basically a guy standing and talking, you would think this would outstay its welcome, but your attention doesn’t stray. It’s very, very funny and as entertaining as any stand-up comedian could be.

Anyone in, wanting to work in, or interested in the film industry should definitely invest their time in this as it is both revealing and entertaining. You can get it on Amazon, second hand, for about £7.00!

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