British Bollywood Mash Up

Always on the look out for new ideas and ways to fund, I met with a Bollywoood producer. We came up with a concept that actually is quite interesting, though a practical nightmare. Essentially, shoot a movie twice – once with Brit actors, and the same movie again, but with Hindi actors. Literally do a shot with one set of actors, then the same shot again with the other set. Sound crazy? I know! For one, I wasn’t sure how I could work some song and dance numbers into my serial killer thriller!

But… Bollywood is the largest film market in the world, and thus producer wasn’t at all phased at the motion of murder, mayhem and a few girls dancing. Some things to consider…

  1. Bollywood rights span the world, there are ghettos in most major cities
  2. Bringing major Bollywood stars over for a few weeks is actually quite do-able and economic.
  3. Get the movie funded on Bollywood money, and you keep the English speaking rights
  4. Film council money could be brought to the table, as could the producers credit money.
  5. There are many Indian business people who may like to invest. This is probably an untapped market.
  6. Shoot a movie that lends itself to upbeat song and dance, and the project need not be shot twice, only close up dialogue.
  7. Some Indian actors can obviously speak English and Hindi

It’s a fascinating concept that I have heard of being done with Welsh films, but never Hindi. Let me know if you give it a crack.

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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