DVD Cover printing – How to do it

I just wanted to tip you off about a really good company and deal I found. I have been making DVD’s for various projects and have, until now, printed out the DVD slips on my colour printer. On a one off basis it’s great, but do ten or more and with the printing time, trimming, ink, paper etc., it’s less attractive. Get to 50 and it’s a royal pain in the ass! So I found a company who can print 1000 DVD covers for around £100 inc VAT and delivery. Great. You do the work and upload a CMYK PDF and a week later you get a box of covers. I can’t tell you how much of a headache this has removed from my day to day business.

The company is called Kellmatt, http://www.kellmatt.com, speak to a guy called Matt Weir and tell him I sent you! His email is matt@kellmatt.com

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