Script Saver!

Script I have just been sending screenplays out, and I choose now to send everything out in A5 format, that’s half the size of normal A4. And I double side print, using a great program called Clickbook (which takes the headache out of it, and is both Mac and PC). I also bought a guillotine so I can cut a ream of A4 paper in half (watch fingers!). The upshot is that sending out screenplays now uses 75% less paper than standard A4 single sided scripts. That saves the environment and puts money in my pocket. The same is true for postage. The envelopes are half size AND the weight is 75% less. Sure it takes a little work, but once you have the process nailed down, it’s as easy as printing A4 scripts. Save money and the planet!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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